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A Digital  Credit Counselor purpose built for Credit Unions.

Take credit focused, personal financial guidance to new levels with our Digital Credit Counselor.

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Provide your members with a full suite of tools designed to improve credit scores.

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Credit Report Insights

Provide your communities with credit report analysis including an explanation of their score and the factors affecting it.

Digital Credit Counseling offers a helping hand up the credit mountain.

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Customized Action Plans

Digital Credit Counselor end-users select financial objectives, goals, and generate a personal path.

Progress is tracked and displayed, end-users get engaged and coached.

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Comprehensive Tools Marketplace

Our tools marketplace includes rent and recurring subscription reporting, a debt paydown calculator and a debt management coach.

Tools are provided in context to support personalized plans and individual outcomes.

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Credit Monitoring and Beyond

Members stay informed of changes to their credit reports with regular updates and alerts.

Knowledge and calculators provide insights into how choices could affect their credit report and eligibility for your products.

The Warm Decline

We understand that finances are intensely personal and hugely emotional. Declining a member or a prospective member is a vulnerable time for them. It is at this moment when credit unions have an opportunity to show up as a partner and an ally in this experience.

While it may not be possible to help them today, building relationships often means saying YES! tomorrow.

Help Your Members Achieve Their Financial Objectives.

Our experience in developing and refining a digital experience takes a holistic approach - to help become a partner to the consumer as they seek to take an educated and empowered approach to their credit and finances.

Empower your members to make a real difference in their financial life and become the preferred provider for a lifetime of financial services.

Be the First to Say YES!

Automatically leverage your underwriting criteria to send offers based on income or credit growth. Identify early when an end-user gets a new job or a pay increase.

Create new targets to meet credit-challenged borrowers halfway. Know "who's next" before they make the pre-screen list!

Leverage data to find new opportunities and power up your community development efforts with the fintech forward, digital credit counselor.

Our Product

Users select financial objectives, goals, and generate a personalized path. Credit unions find out if and when users are eligible for specific products. Progress is tracked and displayed, users get engaged and coached.
Missional objectives are met!


Your Brand

The digital credit counselor is white-labeled and implemented to your brand, style, and colors. Seamlessly promote the digital credit counselor to your members and prospective members via your website, online banking, retail network, social and marketing channels.


CDFI & LIC Support

Use the digital credit counselor to set and meet credit counseling requirements. Accommodate thin file credit and help empower your communities by offering honest, fair solutions and credit-strengthening services.


No Integration to your Core!

Think of the digital credit counselor as the fintech hub of your credit union. No core integrations for you with fintech tools and expanding capabilities available through the Credit Mountain platform.


Unique Offer Engine

Empower your loan officers and credit counseling team with a unique and powerful offer engine. Leverage data to find new engagement opportunities.

Other Credit Counselor Features

Help your members and prospective members become creditworthy by offering them a full array of credit-building tools, insights, and literacy. Create the opportunities you need to meet your borrowers halfway.

Tool Marketplace

Our tools help active end-users improve credit mix, payoff debt, paydown debt, and increase savings. Tools are contextual to an end-users own goals and personal path when they are credit challenged.

Financial Literacy

Your members gain a deeper understanding of credit through educational resources and tools, including articles specific to credit improvement needs. Provides Spanish language support.


Create a unique opportunity to let members and prospects know if they are qualified prior to submitting an application. Help better manage your underwriting queue by increasing application quality and volume.

"Magic" Analyzer

Automated credit report analysis with the click of one button. Checks for money saving opportunities, gap fillers, special offers and offers up Credit Union promotions and invitations.

Trusted by the Credit Union Movement!

Credit Mountain is a CUSO!
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Credit Mountain

Credit Mountain was founded with a "crazy idea" that credit unions could use a software-based solution to offer declined borrowers a path to approval. In the time since the initial concept was piloted by the Cornerstone League Foundation and a handful of pilot organizations, we've built a team of finance and technology experts that are all-in on the credit union movement and helping consumers achieve their financial objectives.

We are a CUSO - built with credit unions, for credit unions!

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